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Just for Today: Consequences

10 oktober 2023

“Before we got clean, most of our actions were guided by impulse. Today, we are not locked into this type of thinking.”Basic Text p. 87

Ever been tempted to do something even when you knew the results would be disastrous? Ever thought about how much it was going to hurt to do what you were tempted to do, then proceed to do it anyway?

It is said that there are consequences to every action. Before we got clean, many of us simply didn’t believe this. But now we know exactly what it means. When we act, we know there will be consequences to pay. No longer can we decide to do something in ignorance when we know full well that we won’t like the price we’ll have to pay.

There’s a prize and a price. It’s okay to act despite the consequences if we’re willing to pay the price, but there’s always one to pay.

Just for today: I will think about the consequences of my actions before I take them.


10 oktober 2023
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