Just for Today: Life’s rewards

Just for Today: Life's rewards, December 1st, We begin to pray only for God's will for us. That way, we get only what we are capable of handling.

Just for Today: God’s will, not ours

Just for Today: God's will, not ours, December 4th, We know that if we pray for God's will we will receive what is best for us, regardless of what we think.

Just for Today: Calling a defect a defect

Just for Today: Calling a defect a defect, December 8th, When we see how our defects exist in our lives and accept them, we can let go of them and get on with our new life.

Just for Today: Listening

Just for Today: Listening, December 9th, This ability to listen is a gift and grows as we grow spiritually. Life takes on a new meaning when we open ourselves to this gift.

Just for Today: Winners

Just for Today: Winners, December 10th, I started to imitate some of the things the winners were doing. I got caught up in NA. I felt good.

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