Just for Today: Self-discovery

Just for Today: Self-discovery, November 18th, The Tenth Step can help us correct our living problems and prevent their recurrence.

Just for Today: The language of empathy

Just for Today: The language of empathy, November 19th, . the addict would find from the start as much identification as each needed to
convince himself that he could stay clean, by the example of others who had recovered for many years

Just for Today: Finding fulfillment

Just for Today: Finding fulfillment, November 20th, We weren't oriented toward fulfillment; we focused on the emptiness and worthlessness of it all

Just for Today: Letting our defects go

Just for Today: Letting our defects go, November 21st, If contributed to our health and happiness, we would not have come to such a state of desperation.

Just for Today: Foundation first

Just for Today: Foundation first, November 22nd, As we begin to function in society, our creative freedom helps us sort our priorities and do the basic things first.

Just for Today: God’s will today

Just for Today: God's will today, November 23rd, The relief of 'letting go and letting God' helps us develop a life that is worth living.

Just for Today: Gratefully recovering

Just for Today: Gratefully recovering, November 24th, We entertained the thought that staying clean was not paying off and the old thinking stirred up self-pity, resentment, and anger.

Just for Today: Exchanging love

Just for Today: Exchanging love, November 25th, ...we give love because it was given so freely to us. New frontiers are open to us as we learn how to love. Love can be the flow of life energy from one person to another

Just for Today: Responsibility

Just for Today: Responsibility, November 26th, A lot happens in one day, both negative and positive. If we do not take the time to appreciate both, perhaps we will miss something that will help us grow.

Just for Today: Seeking God’s help

Just for Today: Seeking God's help, November 27th, At times during our recovery, the decision to ask for God's help is our greatest source of strength and courage.

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