Just for Today: Resistance to change

Just for Today: Resistance to change, June 15th, Many of us cling to our fears, doubts, self-loathing, or hatred because there is a certain distorted security in familiar pain. It seems safer to embrace what we know than to let go of it for the unknown.

Just for Today: Accepting life

Just for Today: Accepting life, June 16th, Some things we must accept, others we can change. The wisdom to know the difference comes with growth in our spiritual program.

Just for Today: Walls

Just for Today: Walls, June 17th, Reaching out is the beginning of the struggle that will set us free. It will break down the walls that imprison us.

ECCNA40 BM (ingelast)

Op 16 juni heeft het serviceteam van de European Convention and Conference of Narcotics Anonymous 2025 een tussentijdse vergadering. Je kunt aansluiten via Zoom ID 890 2451 7401, wachtwoord 1953 […]

Just for Today: Indirect Amends

Just for Today: Indirect Amends, June 18th, Indirect amends may be necessary where direct ones would be unsafe or endanger other people.

Just for Today: A sense of humor

Just for Today: A sense of humor, June 19th, We find that when we lose self-obsession, we are able to understand what it means to be happy, joyous, and free.

Just for Today: Meditation for beginners

Just for Today: Meditation for beginners, June 20th, For some, prayer is asking for God's help; meditation is listening for God's answer...Quieting the mind through meditation brings an inner peace that brings us into contact with the God within us.

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