Internationale NA contacten

NA World Service:

World Board:
[email protected]

Postal Address:
19737 Nordhoff Place
Chatsworth, California
91311 USA
Fax: +1.818.700.0700

WS-Office: [email protected]

European Delegates Meeting (EDM)

The EDM is a European based forum of multi-lingual and multi-cultural NA communities inside and outside Europe, whose mission is to further their common welfare and unity, support their growth and help them fullfil their primary purpose of carrying the NA message to the still suffering addict.

48 Rue de L’été
B-1050 Brussels, Belgium
Fax: +32.2.646.9239
[email protected]

Other Zonal Forums (Links)

Non US Zonal Forums:
Asia Pacific Forum
Latinoamerican Zonal Forum
Brazil Zonal Forum
Russian Zonal Forum
African Zonal Forum
Canadian Assembly

US Zonal Forums:
Autonomy Zonal Forum
Midwest Zonal Forum
North East Zonal Forum
Plains States Zonal Forum
Rocky Mountain Zonal Forum
Southeastern Zonal Forum
Southern Zonal Forum
Western States Zonal Forum


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